NOT SURE WHICH INFUSION YOU NEED?Call 703-454-0062 for a complimentary consultationTo custom blend the right formula

NOT SURE WHICH INFUSION YOU NEED?Call 703-454-0062 for a complimentary consultationTo custom blend the right formula

Fatique Buster Drip

Skin Glow/Inner Beauty-Fight wrinkles from inside out & enhance your skin, hair and nail health

Cost $225
package of 4 IV infusions: $800
package of 8 IV infusions $1600

Make this a monthly part of your beauty ritual for glowing skin, shiny hair and strong nails. Ideal for before events such as weddings, showers, birthdays, parties, or to just look and feel your best.

What’s Inside?

  • Glutathione

  • Biotin

  • Vitamin C

  • B12 and B complex

  • B12 and B complex

  • Ascorbic Acid

  • B1 & B3  B2,B5 & B6

Frequency: We suggest weekly infusion x 6 weeks, followed by a monthly maintenance infusion.

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  • Glutathione:

    Glutathione neutralizes different types of free radicals that cause cellular and tissue damage. It also aids in detoxification in the body by neutralizing the free radicals that are produced during metabolism of various organ systems.   Anticancer properties of this compound have been found in research. For example, it affects p53 expression, which is a protein linked to multiple cancer signaling pathways

    Glutathione has been found to manifest an anti-melanogenic role, which can aid in skin lightening and brightening. It does this by inhibiting the tyrosinase enzyme which has a role in melanin/pigment production. It’s benefits in skin anti-aging and brightening has been found in various studies published.

  • Biotin: found to strengthen hair and nails

  • Vitamin C: a potent antioxidant touted for its anti-inflammatory properties, boosting the proper function of the immune response and helping to eradicate free radicals

  • B12 and B complex: important in energy production, with an important role in the biochemical cellular energy cycles

Radiant Glow & Anti-aging Therapy Testimonials

5 Star RatingWow, what a difference Radiant Glow & Anti-aging makes to my skin, hair and nails. The Radiant Glow & Anti-aging IV drip is a must for me as it is infused with antioxidants and nutrients that make my skin glow, fortify hair, nails and skin.
~ Bela, Leesburg, Virginia

5 Star RatingI  visit VitaFusionDoctors & Wellness center regularly for Radiant Glow & Anti-aging therapy. It does wonders for my skin.  Radiant Glow & Anti-aging therapy is a non-invasive treatment.  It cleanses, nourishes and detoxify your skin. This therapy is a must if you are planning to attend a special occasion. ~ Dolly, Oakton, Virginia

5 Star RatingRadiant Glow and Anti-aging is for you if you have loose and saggy skin that needs tightened. I recommend VitaFusionDoctors & Wellness center if you are planning to take the radiant glow anti-aging therapy. ~ Jill, Ashburn, VA

Radiant Glow Anti-aging Therapy