NOT SURE WHICH INFUSION YOU NEED?Call 703-454-0062 for a complimentary consultationTo custom blend the right formula

NOT SURE WHICH INFUSION YOU NEED?Call 703-454-0062 for a complimentary consultationTo custom blend the right formula

Vitamin C infusion

Dosage: 25gm of iv vitamin C infusion

Cost $225
package of 4 IV infusions: $800
package of 8 IV infusions $1550

Pure vitamin C for health and immune function optimization

Vitamin C promotes mitochondrial health—vital for cell metabolism and scavenging free radicals. It supports immune cell functionality and may boost the immune system. Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that reduces your body’s production of the reactive oxygen species that cause inflammation.

In recent years, numerous experimental reports have confirmed that low, millimolar range doses of pharmacological Vit-C may destroy tumors in vitro and prevent cancer development in vivo; Finally, high-dose Vit-C has the definite potential to provide beneficial and cost-effective anti-cancer treatment options that should be investigated further.


Frequency: We suggest weekly infusion x 6 weeks, followed by a monthly maintenance infusion.

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    Vitamin C IV Infusion Testimonials

    5 Star RatingI am taking Vitamin C Infusions as my doctor recommended them. I visit VitaFusion Doctors Health care clinic.  The staff is friendly and the doctors are great. I highly recommend them.

    5 Star RatingVitamin C Infusion treatment was simple and easy.  Took half an hour.  It was painless and extremely comfortable. First time here at VitaFusion Doctors Wellness center.  I will certainly be back. Awesome place and affordable prices.

    5 Star RatingI did my research and called a few places in Fairfax, VA before I chose VitaFusion Doctors & Wellness center. I checked their IV Infusion drip dosage and promptly called them. I had quite a few concerts as I am afraid of needles. I was welcomed by a friendly nurse who talked to me extensively about my treatment. The Vitamin C infusion drip was absolutely painless.  I am so glad I chose this clinic for my treatment.  I highly recommend them. The results were amazing!

    Vitamin C IV Fusion Therapy

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